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The Modern Tennis Twins

Tennis is an easy game, made complicated by the over analysis from coaches obsessed with minutiae. 

Release your inner ability and athleticism. 

Feel the joy of improving hugely.

Notre Dame University Club & Surrey University 1st team player with University colours awarded for services to Surrey University Tennis and helping promote to Division 1. Modern Tennis and LTA Licensed coach.

UCL team player and captain for 4 years.

Modern Tennis

Growing up seeing the horrific dropout in tennis and the atmosphere at tournaments and clubs, our parents started the Modern Tennis revolution in Britain.

Play Like the Pros!

All sessions offer a full money back guarantee if you have not had an amazing time and improved your tennis.

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Modern Tennis Techniques

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Modern Tennis Warrior Testimonials

I would hugely recommend Kit and Sam as high level, professional coaches who are devoted to tennis and make others enjoy playing it.

After playing years of old-fashioned tennis and having several injuries I was very lucky to meet amazing coaches Kit and Sam who are teaching me to play the modern game.

I was impressed by their ‘flying in the air’ beautiful movements on the court and enthusiastic approach to coaching. Being inspirational and positive, they make the lessons enjoyable and productive.

The things that were complicated for me before the lessons became natural and easy and I don’t have ‘tennis elbow’ anymore.

After 4 months of lessons I started winning matches with the opponents who beat me before and playing in the clubs finals. The modern tennis they are teaching requires less effort and now I’m able to play 3-hour-long singles matches.

Lyuba Abramova

Reading, 01.09.2018

You are easy to approach and give easy and simple advice to follow! I felt like I have improved a lot. I love you guys!

Callum Welch

James really enjoys your coaching sessions and comes home feeling really positive about his progress - so thank you!!

Nicola Nelson

Sam is the best tennis player in the world!

Ellie, age 5!!

Please keep this course going, the boys love it!


I never knew I was doing that - it seems so obvious now you say it! It feels so good!


Sam has really enjoyed this term. Her skills have come on a lot, especially her forehand and serve.

Katie K

Joe loved the sessions with you - got the right balance between learning the game and having fun.

Richard B (Joe B)

Very much enjoyed our coaching sessions!

Nick S

I was sorry to hear that you won’t be coaching us in the future. You did a great job - I really enjoyed the sessions and learnt so much, so many thanks to you both.

Jane L

Many thanks for all of your hard work and enthusiasm- I’m sure the boys will miss you very much. Good luck for the future & your new venture ☺️

Rachel B

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